The best of the rest: Ars staffers’ favorite games of 2013

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Narrowing down the hundreds of games released in a year to just 20 that form our official best games of the year list is not an easy task. It’s made even tougher when there’s an editorial pool full of gamers whispering in your ear to get their personal favorite game included in the final list. There have been a lot of debates about these games in the Ars Orbital HQ in recent weeks, especially when an editor’s take differs from the official Ars Technica review from earlier in the year.

So, to round out 2013’s year-end wrap up of quality games, we’ve given each editor and staffer an opportunity to talk up the games that they enjoyed despite their exclusion from the official Top 20. The list includes a lot of great games and a lot of, um, weird games and helps round out what was, by any reckoning, quite a full year of gaming. Enjoy

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