Nintendo delays Pokemon apps amid holiday-related Internet issues

Nintendo has pushed back the planned Western release of two Pokemon-related apps on the 3DS eShop today as the company’s online network struggles under “a large volume of traffic.”

The problems began on Christmas day, when the Japanese release of the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter combined with new holiday activations of Nintendo systems to effectively bring the company’s entire set of online services to its knees. Users reported widespread problems accessing the Nintendo eShop, playing games online, and even using services like Netflix across the Wii U, 3DS, Wii, and DS. These problems have continued through yesterday and into this morning, according to a statement from Nintendo.

“Due to the high traffic, players are having trouble setting up Nintendo Network IDs and downloading content in the Nintendo eShop on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS,” the company said. “We truly regret the inconvenience, and wish to reassure everyone that providing a solution is our top priority. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.”

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via Ars Technica


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