Netflix’s new plan: save a buck with SD-only streaming

Netflix has added a new streaming plan to its slate: for $6.99 per month, customers can get a plan that allows streaming to a single screen at one time, in standard-definition only, Engadget reported Monday. This plan costs a dollar less than what was previously the basic Netflix streaming plan.

More than two years ago, Netflix split its DVD rental and streaming plans into separate $7.99 chunks, to the ire of some members. The streaming plan has since allowed content to be streamed on up to two screens at once and in HD—or with Netflix’s recent upgrades, in 1080p “Super HD.”

While a dedicated standard-definition plan seems backward-looking, Netflix is far from the only video content provider to offer independent SD options; both iTunes and Amazon offer purchases in both SD and HD on many of their wares.

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via Ars Technica


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