Ars 2013 images of the year: rockets, medieval war, and Hulk judges

We spent 2013 obsessing over image quality at the Orbital HQ. Not only does the front page have more of them than ever before, but our brilliant tech team built out full-width galleries and started creating custom design layouts that demand something more than PR images and stick figures. Needless to say, this would become an all-staff challenge.

2013 marked our first full year with this visual focus and, looking back on what we have to offer, it’s been a pleasant surprise. We took a few moments to reflect on some of our favorite Ars images from the year that was, and they’re shared below for all your “Open Image In New Tab>Save As” wallpaper-making needs.

Rocket speed and rocket work

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Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson has a job even his father doesn’t believe. But in between taking copious notes on everything from LEGO bricks to water-repellent miracle materials, Hutchinson will step behind the camera and capture some wonder for the rest of us to see. Among his favorite images from 2013 are the above trio bursting with power. “This [first] shot shows my darling wife standing next to a Rocketdyne F-1 engine,” he says. “This is the largest single-chamber liquid fueled rocket engine ever actually built, producing 1.5 million lbs of thrust and gulping down one ton of fuel and two tons of oxidizer per second—and a Saturn V moon rocket was powered by five of them. Everything about it was enormous, especially the engines required to start it on its journey from the Earth to the Moon.”

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