Playing catch-up with some of the holiday’s stealth game releases

In the gaming world, “when it’s done” has been the rebellious release-date choice favored by the industry’s coolest coders. Forget quarterly reports and optimal schedules! Just ship the thing! Then the holidays come along, and everyone’s trying to keep up with year-end lists and holiday game sales, when suddenly a bunch of indie knock-outs materialize with surprise releases. With new consoles and big-name games launching, these games get lost in the mix.

Well, we made some time and checked out a few of the lesser-hyped releases that snuck in just under the wire for 2013 (we’ll be covering the early-access release of DayZ in the coming days as well). Here’s a taste of some December debuts that video game fans might’ve missed.

Risk of Rain

What is it?: A side-scrolling run-and-gun with modern indie twists. Imagine an even more pixelated version of Contra with protagonists so tiny that screen-filling bosses feel extra-massive in comparison. Choose from ten soldier classes, each with individual stats and four special attacks, (much like League of Legends or, to be super-specific, Awesomenauts), and battle on semi-random levels full of loot (much like Spelunky).

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via Ars Technica


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