Gallery: the 13 Steam Machines and all of their glorious variety

Valve officially showed off the 13 official Steam Machines during its brief CES press event this evening, but it was in the aftermath where we got a closer look at the devices. Below, Reviews Editors Lee Hutchinson snapped photos of all the Steam Machine variants in their glorious array of shapes and sizes (and Gaming Editor Kyle Orland will have his hands-on first impressions coming soon).

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Since the devices were now for public consumption, an official spec sheet (PDF) and array of promo shots became available too. In contrast to the gallery above, here are the official press images for the 13 Steam Machines.

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Finally, for easy reference, here’s the array of interiors that we currently know. The Steam Machines at this point are an array of Intel cores and graphics coming from all the major players (AMD and Nvidia prominently featured).

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via Ars Technica


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