The Top 10 Entrepreneurship Posts Of 2013 On

2013 is over and I’m pleased to announce that both my blog and my online store had another record year in terms of revenue.

While I’ll be publishing the year end income reports for both sites in the coming weeks, today I wanted to focus on some of my favorite content that I published in 2013.

top 10 posts
In case you haven’t noticed, I made a decision in the middle of 2013 to post less often but personally write all of my articles. As a result, I ended the relationship with my staff writers and made a conscious effort to make my blog more personal.

This decision was motivated by several factors. For one thing, I noticed that the posts that I personally wrote always attracted more engagement than the posts written by my staff writers.

Now that’s not to say that my writers put out poor quality content. But I’ve come to realize that the majority of you visit my blog because we share a mutual connection that goes beyond just the content.

Thanks to this blog, I’ve gotten to know many of you on a personal level which is something that I truly cherish.

The second reason I decided to write all of my own posts is because Google has drastically changed their search algorithms in the past year. Today, Google tends to favor posts that have more engagement so it was in my best interests to post longer, more in depth articles.

The Best Posts Of 2013

Anyways without further ado, here are the top 10 posts for 2013 in no particular order. Note: I didn’t select any of my more technical posts in this roundup because well…my wife says they are not that interesting:) Enjoy!

What A Six Pack Taught Me About Starting A Successful Online Business – My humbling and self-deprecating journey to six pack abs and how it relates to running a successful online business.

My Thoughts On Making Money And Planting Money Seeds – My philosophy on building wealth nicely summarized in one post.

My Secret To Learning And The Rules To Follow When Outsourcing – My philosophy when it comes to learning and outsourcing different parts of your business. You might be surprised by my outlook.

How To Set Prices For Your Info Product: Some Tips And Lessons Learned – Some big time mistakes that I made when I first launched my online store course.

An Inside Look At How My Online Store Redesign Has Increased Sales – A deep dive into my online store website redesign.

Your Habits And How One Simple Change Can Lead To Long Term Success – One startling change that I made that has lead to success in both my personal and professional life.

The Real Reason Why Your Online Business Is Not Making Progress – Common pitfalls that I see people make when they start a business.

An Online Business Or A Day Job: Which Income Source Is More Stable? – A deep dive into what I think is more stable from a financial perspective, working a day job or running a business.

How To Suck Less At Business, Sales And Marketing – How to get over your fear of sales and marketing if you are not wired that way.

How 12 Seconds On The NBC Today Show Blew Up Sales And How We Prepared For The Traffic – How our online store made it on television and what we did to prepare for the surge in traffic.

Looking Forward To 2014

This might sound odd but I don’t plan on doing anything drastically different for 2014. In terms of my blog, I will continue to post the same great quality content that I did in 2013.

However I do plan on doing a complete redesign of, something that has been way overdue. Did you know that I’ve had the same blog theme for almost 4 years now?

The other big thing on my list is that I’m finally going to put together a podcast. One of the keys to success online is increasing your audience and the podcasting world is a place that I’ve yet to tap into.

My online store course will continue to be one of my main focuses and I’m as committed as ever to putting out quality video content on a regular basis for my students. For those of you in my class, your success brings me a tremendous sense of pride and I promise to do whatever I can to help you succeed.

As for my online store, I will continue to find new ways to expand our little handkerchief store. Thus far, we’ve had double and triple digit growth every year since we started and I plan on continuing that trend.

Overall, I have a lot of things that I want to do and not nearly enough time to do them. At some point, I will have to decide whether to run my businesses on the side or quit my day job and make it a full time gig. Who knows what the future will bring:)



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