CES 2014: What we saw, what we loved, and what we’ll remember

The sight we saw most often at CES 2014: Vegas from the back seat of a cab.
Lee Hutchinson

The enormous, over-the-top, excess-filled Consumer Electronics Show—CES to us in the biz—has come to an end. We’ve wrapped up a week of running around Vegas like crazy people, forsaking sleep and eating in taxis or while hunched over vendor-provided buffet tables in product demo rooms.

Although we had a total of eight intrepid reporters in Vegas, we each had our own coverage goals, which meant that we rarely saw each other. In fact, at no point was the entire Ars team assembled in one place—the closest we came to all seeing each other was our team dinner at the LVH’s Benihana restaurant.

With so many of us covering so many different things, it was inevitable that we’d all end up with different opinions and takeaways from the show. Here’s what each of the Ars CES crew got from our week in the neon-lit dusty desert.

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