Help us make Ars’ mobile site better than (yet another) laser cannon

Aurich Lawson

Looking down at the jeweled planet Earth from the dizzying heights of Ars Technica’s Orbital Headquarters, it’s easy to think that things couldn’t be better. Maybe we could use some more laser cannons—you can never have enough of those. We even get full bars on all our phones, no matter the network. We’re tapped right into the satellites, after all, with no pesky buildings to ruin our line of sight.

Still, as we cradle our smartphones, bars aplenty, we can’t help but think that there might be some room for improvement. Maybe, just maybe, we could forego purchasing yet another new laser cannon and spend a little of our budget sprucing up our mobile site. It works well—it’s clean and simple—but is it really delivering an Orbital Headquarters-class experience?

And so, dear readers, we turn to you. Before we touch a pixel or a line of code, we would love to hear your thoughts. What do you love about our mobile site? What could perhaps use a little work? Are there features you’d like to see?

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via Ars Technica


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