TrewGrip handheld keyboard almost a solution for thumb-typing

My favorite video. (video link)

One of the first products we caught wind of at the Consumer Electronics Show was the TrewGrip keyboard, a handheld model with keys facing away from the typist and a mount for a tablet or smartphone. After a demo and some hands-on time, it’s clear the model has its uses, though it’s likely not the ideal solution to the slow and occasionally awkward input that is thumb-typing.

The TrewGrip can hold a tablet like the Nexus 7 or a smartphone like the iPhone in the center using a micro-suction pad and magnets. It connects to devices via Bluetooth and comes with a typing tutorial.

The keys are arranged on the back so that they are a rough analogue to a normal QWERTY keyboard: ASDF are your left-hand home keys, and JKL are under your right hand. Because the keyboard is rotated, though, you reach your left hand in, toward the center of the TrewGrip, to get QWER, and bend them toward the edges for ZXCV. Space and backspace are buttons on the front of the device under the thumbs.

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via Ars Technica


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