Report: Valve has “no current plans” to release its own VR headset

We’ve known for a while that the hardware engineers at Valve have been working on their own prototype of a virtual reality headset. The company demonstrated that prototype headset at its Steam Dev Days conference this week in a room with specially designed head-tracking patterns on the walls. The prototype was the subject of wide acclaim: one attendee compared it to a lucid dream, and Oculus founder/CEO (and Dev Days speaker) Palmer Luckey reportedly said Valve had “the best virtual reality demo in the world right now.”

That doesn’t mean Valve wants to release a VR headset on its own, though. According to Hot Blooded Games CFO Dave Oshry, who tweeted from a pair of VR talks at Dev Days Thursday, Valve has “no current plans to ship VR tech, but says that could change. You never know. Right now they’re having fun with it.” Not exactly a Sherman speech-level denial, but as good a look as we’re likely to get at Valve’s roadmap for VR hardware.

Instead, Valve seems quite bullish on helping Oculus with their rapidly advancing VR headset plans. A Dev Days slide tweeted by a number of attendees reveals that “Valve and Oculus collaborated on tracking” and that the impressive low-persistence technology showed off on Oculus’ new Crystal Cove prototype was “driven by Valve prototyping.” Valve also said it was “continuing to work with Oculus to drive PC VR forward.”

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via Ars Technica


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