Fetuses and other things that should never be 3D-printed

It’s a… well it’s certainly a… um…

A company names 3D Babies is now offering to turn 4D ultrasounds into 3D-printed sculptures of unborn babies for parents, relatives, or anyone who can’t wait to hold the real thing in their hands. The life-size printouts appear to arrive nestled in a coffin-like satin-lined box, at a cost of $600.

3D Babies is not the first company to offer to give you a plastic copy of your offspring. Back in March, Cracked highlighted a Japanese company that would entomb a 3D-printed resin copy of your baby in a clear block of plastic, like an ancient mosquito in so much amber.

Printouts from 3D Babies, however, arrive in plain air, with an unnatural papier-mâché sheen and an artificial flush to their cheeks. The babies can come in three colors—light, medium, or dark—can be positioned one of two ways. Customers must specify the gender.

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via Ars Technica http://ift.tt/KbKAVV


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