Op-ed: Star Trek’s expanded universe is a glorious mess

Last Friday, I wrote—with no small amount of vitriol—about the astonishing mess that is the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU). Disney is making an effort to curtail the enormous, multi-tiered wreck of Star Wars canon and semi-canon, and good on them for it, because it definitely needs taming before The Mouse can wade in and write new adventures (which, if history is any guide, we’ll all hate anyway).

But what about the sprawling canon of that other famous Star-prepended franchise? You know, the one that boldly splits infinitives in its title sequences and originated both the terms “slash” and “Mary Sue?” What about all those Star Trek novels and video games—do all of them need to be beamed out into hard vacuum like so much space trash? A few gems exist in the garbage pit of the Star Wars EU—Timothy Zahn’s work is almost universally praised, for example—but does Trek’s canon feature similar gems?

Article spoiler: yes, it does. The Trek “expanded universe” isn’t all silly new Lieutenants falling in love with Vulcans; some stories and characters are incredibly, jaw-droppingly crafted. We’re going to talk about five of them—and the Trek that might have been, if they’d only been canon.

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