DayZ Early Access impressions: Surviving in the land of glitches

In most games, this would be the crappy weapon. In DayZ, you’ll be happy you have a weapon at all.

For a certain brand of video game fan, aggravation is actually a feature. From the precise-jump insanity of Super Meat Boy to the convoluted controls of the Jane’s flight simulator franchise, the most frustrating gameplay can often attract the most devoted followers. These are the games that actively discourage casual lookie-loos and leave only those willing to stomach repeated failures and detailed, game-specific Wikis.

Maybe that’s why people love DayZ so much (no relation to Jay-Z, in case you were wondering). This Czech-developed “survival” simulator launched in 2012 as a mod for the already-complicated military game ArmA 2. That release quickly racked up fans thanks to its giant, open world and a surprisingly unique tack on PvP that made the game’s ferocious zombies much less terrifying than other online players, who will kill and rob you to procure anything from guns to life-sustaining bottles of water.

Even in its early state, DayZ’s ability to wring the most evil instincts from fellow players proved impressive. So fans understandably flipped out last month when DayZ finally evolved from mod status to a standalone game, being sold as an alpha version on Steam through the service’s “Early Access” feature. That means it’s ready for primetime, right? Ha! Hardly!

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via Ars Technica

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