Intel’s mini PC gets less mini, but will hold more storage

Intel is offering a new larger version of the NUC that will hold an extra hard drive.

When we reviewed the latest version of Intel’s “Next Unit of Computing” (NUC), one of our biggest complaints about the mini PC is that it didn’t leave much room for expandability. The NUC has an extremely small footprint, but it limits your component selection, which in turn limits just what you can do with it.

We’ve known that a slightly larger version of the NUC with support for standard 2.5-inch hard drives has been coming, and it looks like those computers are beginning to make their way out into retail channels. These new NUCs are about half an inch taller than the standard versions (1.9 inches, up from 1.4), but they’ll fit a standard 2.5-inch laptop drive that’s up to 9.5mm in height. The vast majority of hard drives and solid-state drives being sold currently are either 9.5mm or 7.5mm high, though larger 1.5 or 2TB drives 15mm in height won’t fit without modifying the case (and voiding your warranty).

LegitReviews got one of the new NUCs last week and opened it up—the new 2.5-inch drive bay is the first thing you see when you remove the bottom of the case. Short data and power cables are provided, and these hook the drive of your choice up to the standard SATA ports on the motherboard we noticed in our review. The system board is identical to the one in the standard Haswell NUCs. There are two DDR3 RAM slots, one half-height slot for a mini PCI Express Wi-Fi card, and one full-height slot for an mSATA solid-state drive, and the port layout is also identical.

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via Ars Technica


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