Western Digital My Cloud Review: The $150 personal cloud

In the consumer electronics world, simplicity is king. Manufacturers must constantly struggle to balance power and complexity with ease of use. Western Digital has been walking that tightrope for a while now with its My Book line of personal storage products, trying to pack in features without making the devices too difficult to use. Last year we saw the company try its hand at a networked solution with the My Book Live, and now it’s taking this idea a bit further with the WD My Cloud. My Cloud is a set of personal “cloud-in-a-box” products designed to not just store your stuff, but to let you take it outside of your home. Could this be the network storage system for the layman?

The Appliance NAS

The WD My Cloud certainly falls in a safe and friendly space in the looks department. WD isn’t straying too far from the My Book line, and this 2TB version looks like a standard external disk enclosure with a 3.5” disk inside. However, flip it around back and you see the additional port that makes all the difference: a single Gigabit Ethernet port.

The My Cloud line comes with Western Digital’s Red drives, which are designed to be used in consumer network-attached storage (NAS) systems. WD Reds have NAS-friendly features like faster error recovery, more vibration tolerance, and power optimizations. Judged by MSRP alone, buying the 2TB My Cloud gets you a $180 NAS and a free 2TB disk. Looking at street price, you see an affordable single drive NAS, for which the cost of the disk alone would make up one-third of the total price.

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via Ars Technica http://ift.tt/1jkbAi8

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