Think your Internet blows? Try $300 for 3Mbps DSL and a data cap

People in Winthrop, Iowa and several nearby towns are mad about the price of their Internet service—and we can’t blame them.

The East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative (EBTC) offers DSL Internet at sub-broadband download speeds for up to $300 a month, and it imposes data caps with overages of $5 per gigabyte. As detailed on the company’s website, service starts at $24.95 for 5GB per month and moves up to $44.95 per month for 10GB, $179.95 for 50GB, and $299.95 for 100GB. Regardless of which plan you choose, going over your cap brings a charge of $5 more per gigabyte.


You can see the full price list to the right.

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via Ars Technica

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