TiVo’s Steve Wymer lays out his company’s current and future hardware plans

TiVo’s VP of Corporate Communications.

Wednesday night, a report was released saying that TiVo would either be exiting the hardware business or laying off people (or both), leading to speculation about the future of the venerable DVR maker. TiVo denied that this was the case, and we had a chance to speak with TiVo Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Wymer about the report. His responses to our questions seemed to point to the possible layoffs as being less a dramatic shift in strategy than a continuation of the path that TiVo has already been on. We began, though, with a pretty direct question.

Ars: Is TiVo exiting the hardware business?

Wymer: Emphatically, no.

Wymer wouldn’t confirm or deny that there were any layoffs, but he pointed out that staff had been “reassigned”—presumably let go—as necessary to best suit Tivo’s needs.

Next, he expanded on the response that TiVo gave to Wired late Wednesday night in an update:

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