Apple execs badmouth touchscreens, OS convergence on the Mac’s 30th birthday

Apple is celebrating the Mac’s 30th anniversary by making veiled references to competitors, among other things.

Thirty years ago today, Apple released its first Macintosh computer. To commemorate the launch, Apple has created an extensive timeline of the computers over the years, including customer testimonials, high-resolution images, and estimated usage data for every machine. Apple executives have also given several interviews to various outlets, the most interesting of which so far ran over at Macworld yesterday.

Apple Worldwide Marketing SVP Phil Schiller, Software Engineering SVP Craig Federighi, and Software Technology VP Bud Tribble all sat down with Macworld’s Jason Snell to talk about where the Mac has been and where it’s going.

“An incredible amount of thought and creativity went into the original Mac metaphor,” said Tribble. “So there are some extremely strong threads of DNA that have lasted for 30 years. The sign of the strength of them and the underlying principles behind them—that the Mac should be easily approachable and learnable by just looking at it, that it should bend to the will of the person and not bend the person’s will to the technology—those underlying threads also apply to our other products.”

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via Ars Technica


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