Drop regulatory hammer on Internet providers, says former FCC commish

It’s time for the Federal Communications Commission to correct its past mistakes and get tough on broadband providers, a retired FCC commissioner says.

Michael Copps, an FCC commissioner from 2001 to 2011 (and acting chairman for several months in 2009), is proof that not every former FCC member becomes a lobbyist for the industries the commission regulates. The only commission member to vote against allowing the Comcast/NBC Universal merger, Copps is now a self-described public interest advocate who leads the Media and Democracy Reform Initiative at Common Cause.
On Wednesday, Copps wrote a blog post titled, “The Buck Stops At The FCC,” calling upon the commission to “reclassify broadband as ‘telecommunications’ under Title II of the Communications Act.” The effect of that move would be to designate Internet service providers as “common carriers,” making them subject to increased FCC regulation.

Such a move would bring fierce opposition from telecommunications companies and their friends in Congress. But the FCC’s previous failure to reclassify broadband blew up in its face when a court ruled that that the agency couldn’t impose anti-blocking and anti-discrimination regulations on ISPs because they aren’t classified as common carriers.

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