Unknown issue locks BT Internet customers out of their Ubisoft games

Subscribers to British Telecom’s BT Infinity Internet service have found themselves unable to access games that use Ubisoft’s UPlay DRM, according to numerous Internet reports, and neither BT nor Ubisoft seem to know who’s to blame.

Reports of UPlay issues from BT customers first showed up in Ubisoft’s support forums last November, before dying down. They picked up again starting Wednesday and continued through to this morning. Many Ubisoft games require players to check in with the UPlay service before starting a game, a process that is for some reason being disrupted for many BT customers, who can’t log in to the UPlay client or even load the UPlay website. Other BT subscribers report no problems at all.

Some affected players say that they can get around the problems by using the UPlay client’s “offline mode,” but others, such as Alec Meer over at Rock Paper Shotgun, have found that the mode doesn’t work as it should. Other users have been able to get UPlay’s check to work by using a VPN connection to an outside service.

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via Ars Technica http://ift.tt/1mCi9MN


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