After $100,000 bid, 3 more rare Nintendo World Championship carts surface

Maybe this cartridge will attract some serious bids…

The unprecedented attention bestowed on last week’s “ripped label” gray Nintendo World Championships cartridge auction has apparently brought other sellers out of the woodwork, looking to cash in on their own copies of the rare cart.

Late last night, a gray NWC cart in “acceptable” condition was sold for $17,500 by brother collectors Mark and Matt Nolan after being listed earlier that day. The pair is talking on the NintendoAge forums about how they “took advantage of the market at the moment” by quickly listing and selling the rare cartridge while interest in the previous auction was still high.

Meanwhile, two more “very good” condition NWC cartridges—one gold and one gray—are currently attracting five-figure bids on eBay. As of this writing, the gray version is going for just over $10,000, while the gold cartridge has (despite a missing label) passed $33,000, a high but not incredible price for the “holy grail” of video game collecting.

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via Ars Technica


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