After Chrome’s recent extension drama, what browser has the safest add-ons?

Customers complain about activity tracking in CRXMouse on Chrome, a particularly invasive add-on.

In a recent revelation by OMG Chrome and the developer of the Chrome extension Add to Feedly, it came to light that Chrome extensions are capable of changing service or ownership under a user’s nose without much notification. In the case of Add to Feedly, a buyout meant thousands of users were suddenly subjected to injected adware and redirected links.

Chrome’s regulations for existing extensions are set to change in June 2014. The changes should prevent extensions from being anything but “simple and single-purpose in nature,” with a “single visible UI surface” in Chrome and a “single browser action or page action button,” like the extensions made by Pinterest or OneTab.

This has always been the policy, per a post to the Chromium blog back in December. But going forward, it will be enforced for all new extensions immediately and for all existing extensions retroactively beginning in June.

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via Ars Technica


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