The Pebble Steel review: Wearables 2.0 arrive

“It’s like a Casio watch from the ’80s.” –John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

If the smartwatch is a fad, then it’s one that has made the rounds before. Long before Pebble or even Metawatch, there was the Casio Databank. The chunky model had multiple alarms, countdown timers, and a digital Rolodex that users populated through the built-in keypad. This was an unapologetically chunky, fussy device. Pebble Steel, the successor to the most successful smartwatch so far, is none of those things.


The original Pebble isn’t unattractive, but it does stand out as something other than a regular wristwatch. The plastic body curves around the wrist and comes in several colors. Not all watches are jewelry, and the original Pebble is certainly in this “other” category (even if the device isn’t without its merits). The Pebble Steel moves things stylistically further.

The body is now boxier and made of CNC milled steel. The internals remain the same, as does the e-paper display. Gone is the sweeping piece of clear plastic. The face is now a proper watch glass—made of scratch- and crack-resistant Gorilla Glass in this case. The thickness has grown, though overall dimensions are smaller. Our matte black sample came with a matching steel band, though both silver and black models will come packaged with a black leather band. The squishy, plastic buttons of the Pebble are replaced by much more satisfying steel buttons whose boxiness echoes the rest of the design. Even the charging connector has gone square to match the look of the Steel.

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via Ars Technica

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