Facebook’s Paper is Facebook without the Facebook

Paper’s interface focuses on curated content and full-screen presentation.

Facebook announced Thursday a new app that will revamp the presentation of content on the site into a more streamlined format. The app, called Paper, presents content from both users and brands in a new interface and organizes it into sections for browsing.

The announcement of Paper has been rumored for some time, but its release as a new standalone app comes as a surprise. Facebook has a mixed track record in this area: its Messenger app was a grand success, but Home was a disaster and Poke was virtually ignored (Zuckerberg now calls this foray a “joke,” according to an interview in Bloomberg Businessweek).

Paper presents user updates as “stories”: captions overlaid on large-format photos, auto-playing videos, and even long or short text screeds all in an edge-to-edge, full-screen format. The default “section” in the app is the user’s Facebook news feed, but users can pull new sections up from a set of cards, such as “Headlines” or Tech,” and browse between them in one pane.

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via Ars Technica http://ift.tt/1idy3NK


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