Zynga spends $527 million on Clumsy Ninja maker amid heavy job cuts

Zynga may not be the revenue-generating powerhouse it once was, but that hasn’t stopped the company from continuing to invest its cash into even more acquisitions. Amid an earnings report today, the company announced that it was spending $527 million in cash and stock to acquire UK-based mobile game maker NaturalMotion, the creator of hit mobile titles Clumsy Ninja and CSR Racing.

Apple followers may remember Clumsy Ninja as a highlight of Apple’s September 2012 keynote event, used to show off the power of the A5 processor. The odd, impressively animated game was finally released for iOS devices last November, over a year after the demo, and racked up over 10 million iOS downloads in a single week.

The NaturalMotion purchase is Zynga’s biggest acquisition yet, easily surpassing the reported $200 million purchase of Draw Something maker OMGPOP in 2012. Yet even after laying out $391 million in cash for the company, Zynga will still be left with a stockpile of roughly $1.2 billion in cash built up during its meteoric Farmville and Cityville-fueled run of fundraising.

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via Ars Technica http://ift.tt/1fBjEbJ


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