Reports: Microsoft plans cheaper, disc-free, white Xbox Ones in 2014

The white Xbox One given to Microsoft employees may soon be available for regular consumers.

If we reported on every gaming-related rumor out there, we would have no time to do anything else. Seriously, for every rumor we decide to pass on to you, there are probably a dozen we dismiss out of hand as thinly sourced or just plain hard to believe (See here for more on the shady background of just one such recent rumor).

That said, the bevy of Xbox One-related rumors that have been leaking onto the Internet this week are getting too big to ignore. The source this time around is a mysterious poster going by the handle ntkrnl on popular gaming forum NeoGAF. Long-time forum moderator bishoptl has “cleared” ntkrnl as a reliable source, meaning he has confirmed the poster’s ties to internal Microsoft information in private communications (an unnamed Kotaku source also confirmed to the site that ntkrnl is “connected to Microsoft”). Other “verified” rumors posted on NeoGAF have had a mixed record of accuracy, and even with reliable sourcing, plans can change between the time a rumor is reported and the time a company makes an announcement.

With all that out of the way, what have we learned from this latest rumor dump? Let’s start with the bits that have been corroborated by other sources. Most intriguingly, VG247 has confirmed with a “well-respected… senior publishing source” that a cheaper version of the Xbox One is coming sometime this year. That means a new model for the hardware, not just a price reduction on the existing $499 configuration for the system. NeoGAF’s ntkrnl says that new system could come in at $399, but that price hasn’t been verified elsewhere.

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via Ars Technica


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