iOS-emulated ZX Spectrum games coming down amid licensing controversy

Elite systems is taking steps to remove a line of classic ZX Spectrum games from the iOS App Store amid questions from a number of developers over royalty payments and rights licensing surrounding those games.

The controversy began to bubble up near the end of Elite’s Kickstarter effort to produce a Bluetooth-enabled replica ZX Spectrum keyboard. That keyboard is designed to work with about 200 ZX Spectrum games that Elite has ported to iOS as part of various game collections. It would also work with subsequent Android and Windows apps.

The Kickstarter project recently finished after reaching its goal of over £60,000, but not before a number of the game developers involved spoke out on blogs and forums. Some said they did not give permission for their games to be used, and others said they had stopped receiving promised royalty payments from the iOS sales.

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via Ars Technica


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